Football Registrations for 2017


Registrations are now open for Uraidla Districts Football Club for Season 2017.

Early registration assists the Club plan team/club needs for the upcoming season and will allow for a ‘smoother’ registration day and start-of-season.

The national self-registration process ‘Footyweb’ began in 2015 and has improved in 2017. Each participant can now set a password they’ll remember which the participant will set for themselves. This password is based on the email listed for each participant. The old process required the registered participant to remember a system generated user name and password.

Let’s gets started… it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

1. WEBSITE: go to the Uraidla Districts Football Club website

2. LINK: click on the ‘Links’ menu and select ‘Footyweb’ or click here

3. EMAIL: type in your EMAIL address that is in your member profile. If you do not know your email in footyweb – call or sms Mel 0414 239 838 to confirm what it is; if you need your email updated in footyweb – again call or sms Mel 0414 239 838 to advise new email; NEW players will be taken to the next page and select ‘Yes, I’m New’.

4. COMPLETE: continue through the web pages and complete the required fields… you are now registered ?

BENEFITS are that registered members on Footyweb will be able to;

– Edit their contact details as they change over time.
– Modify their personal preferences relating to marketing communications for the various levels of the sport.
– Review their individual playing statistics (e.g. games, goals, clubs played for)
– Parents can use the same login to register multiple children
– Families who play in different league (e.g. parent in a senior league and child in a junior league) will be able to use the same email address for both registrations.

HELP? For some short videos about registering with your email address please CLICK HERE If a user forgets their password they can reset it anytime by clicking ‘Forgot Password?’

UDFC contacts for Footyweb registration are; Mel Hunter 0414 239 838, Jan Soar 0428 417 306 or Jo Schapel 0403 539 540.