The Uraidla Districts Football Club is one of the oldest and most respected clubs in the Adelaide Hills.

It has also enjoyed remarkable success given the sparsely populated area that surrounds the township of Uraidla, dominated by market gardens, orchards and now vineyards.
Established just after the turn of the last century (approx 1905), the club had to wait about 16 years for its first A-grade premiership in 1921. In the years since, Uraidla has won a total of 21 A-grade flags and many others in senior and under age competition.
Uraidla’s colours have always been navy blue and red but the jumper design has changed numerous times. Currently, the jumper depicts a large Demon, the club’s logo. In earlier years the club was often referred to as the “cabbage cutters”, reflecting the market garden heritage of the district.

In 1997 Eastern Rangers Football Club amalgamated with Uraidla to form the Uraidla Districts FC.

The club is located in Swamp road, just off the town’s main street and within the Uraidla & Districts Soldiers Memorial Park. Originally the oval was laid out in an east-west direction but in the late 1950’s it was re-positioned to run north-south. Also in the late 50’s new change rooms were built by the local community.
In 1984 the change rooms were upgraded and clubrooms were redeveloped with the addition of a dining room. In 2009 the dining area was extended and the kitchen upgraded.
Throughout its history the club has been indebted to the many volunteers who have helped build the facilities, manage the operation and organise the football activities.

Today’s teams consist of A,B & C grade, senior, junior & mini colts, under 11’s, 10’s, 9’s & 8’s.


A-grade: 1921,23,27,28,30,31,32,50,56,58,59,63,79,80,89,96,2005,09,10,11,13
B-grade: 1956,58,60,62,63,64,65,67,70,71,76,2002,2009,2018
C-grade: 1969,70,73,85,2009
(All 3 senior grades were successful in 2009)
Women’s: 2019
Senior colts: 1979,2018, 2023
Junior colts: 1970,93
Mini colts: 1983,2020

A Reunion Day to Remember – 18 June 2016

The UDFC hosted four past premiership teams at a Reunion Day on June 18, 2016. The stars of this day were players from the following teams:

1956 A grade – 60 years
1956 B grade – 60 years
1976 B grade – 60 years
1996 A grade – 40 years

Link to Courier article published 13 July 2016

1956 A & B Grade 60 Year Reunion1956 A & B Grade 60 Year Reunion

1956 A & B Grade 60 Year Reunion

1956 A & B Grade 60 Year Reunion

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