UDFC Mission Statement

Our Mission:

To be well-respected, both on and off the field, and achieve success through sporting excellence.

Our Vision:

To maintain a winning culture

To be the Club of choice for footballers

To develop well-rounded footballers through innovative development programs

To build on the respect and tradition of the Club and its players

To promote the concepts of fair play, teamwork and team spirit and to maintain a high level of sportsmanship in playing football

To promote and sustain a family-friendly environment at the Club

To be a successful, disciplined, well-respected and progressive community-driven football club to meet the needs of our players, members, families and supporters

To encourage mutual respect amongst Club, members and players

To be a leader in football management so that the long-term success and sustainability of the Club is assured

To provide a safe and supportive environment to nurture the physical and emotional safety and development of our players

To employ best-practice governance and management and adhere to relevant codes of conduct with all duties carried out honestly and with integrity

Our Values:

The physical and emotional safety of our players is fundamental to our Club

The promotion of fair play, teamwork and team spirit fosters personal development, respect, responsibility, leadership and mateship

Having a family-friendly culture at the Club

Creating meaningful relationships amongst our players, members, families and supporters and engaging and connecting with the wider community

A commitment to the highest level of professional integrity

A commitment to excellence in all that we do and constantly strive to improve

Building on our legacy to create experiences where passion and purpose come together

We believe in fair and equal treatment for all persons involved with the Club

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